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Given this situation, we reiterate

Women are necessary, now more than ever, as workers and as citizens. In contrast to other recessions, when again women were pressurised to withdraw from the labour market; now we are prepared to resist. Since then, we have acquired greater civil rights and significantly higher skills levels. We have demonstrated our proficiency in a whole range of professions, including managing banks and running countries, as well as achievement in sport and all activities. Many families depend on women’s income, and furthermore, unemployed women have higher levels of educational attainment than men. On the other hand, now more than ever, men have to join in care responsibilities. Today, unlike in previous times, we know that biological difference does not in any way excuse women from any area of work or leisure, or men from domestic tasks.

Women’s marginalisation is not due to economic reasons: on the contrary, it is this unfounded marginalisation which neither the economy nor society can afford. The “male breadwinner /dependent spouse” model has shown itself to be a trap for women and men alike. Furthermore, it has been shown across the world that women’s access to education, employment and income has been a significant factor in improving family wellbeing and economic development. Gender equality is key in making the most of women’s human capital, and of the caring capacity of men; for the effective functioning of labour markets and government budgets; for making the change to a more technologically advanced economic model; for a better organisation of production which is not based on the specialization of women in domestic work; to combat overpopulation, population ageing, and world poverty; and for environmental sustainability. Unequivocally, gender equality is crucial for a change towards a more balanced and sustainable form of global development.

International authorities have repeatedly stated that gender equality is a valid proposition for social justice, and carries economic benefits. Instead of returning to previous systems, now more than ever, these institutions have to act on their stated commitments.

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